People take more photos today than they ever did in the past. The quality of these photos continue to improve with the technological advances made within mobile phones and cameras. Today it is commenplace for people to hold hundreds of photos on their mobile phone, capturing personal moments in time and sharing special memories. Whilst the picture is easily shared and viewed on a social media site, it’s also quickly forgotten.

But what about that ONE unique memory or picture

There is still nothing to compare with a printed photo acting as as a reminder of the importance of that special memory that picture holds either for you or when given as a gift.

Just as technology has advanced with cameras, the same has happened regarding printing. It provides far more opportunity to cherish this special memory. No longer do we have the constrictions of a paper photograph in an ornamental frame or hidden between the leaves of an album

Now we make the frame the photo

We use a Sublimination systrem to achieve our quality product; using a combination of heat and pressure, producing vibrant photos both durable and washable!
We currently specialise in slate and glass,and have recently introduced candles into our range

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